Making Traditions

Whatever holidays you celebrate the end of the year is a time for traditions. Christmas caroling, playing the dreidel game, lighting candles, feasting with friends and family, and making resolutions are among the many common traditions enjoyed by people around the world.

Because we are such a melting pot of cultures and traditions, many of us find ways to incorporate ancestral foods and traditions into our end-of-year festivities. Some adopt new traditions as they begin their own families. Below are a few traditions from around the world and across the way that you can include as part of your celebrations.

Baking: Cookies, pastries, pies, puddings, pannetone, or bunuelos – no matter where your ancestors hail from, baking is always a celebratory event. Spend a day baking a pie, building a gingerbread house, or baking rugelach. Baking with children always adds a little fun and creativity, you can even practice a little math – just don’t tell the kids!  Building a gingerbread house is also a fun activity for kids and adults alike.


Feasting: While Turkey and Ham are staples on the Christmas dining table, and brisket and latkes on the Hanukkah table, many people take the opportunity to feast on foods from their heritage. Tamales (Mexico), Caribbean and Soul Food (in lieu of pan-African foods for Kwanzaa), Fish (Italy).Maybe you’d rather keep it simple and order in and enjoy a movie marathon on your couch.  Or head to your local theater to catch the latest flick.


Cocktails: Holiday cocktail recipes are also a tradition for many of us.  Grandma’s famous eggnog, mulled wine, wassail, and hot buttered rum come to mind as a few favorites to enjoy. Mocktails, like those found here on our blog, are a festive way for the whole family to enjoy some sparkling refreshment.



Elf on the shelf is the latest craze to help remind the little ones that Santa is making his list.  Check online for an endless list of “Elf’s” antics. It certainly beats Krampus, the eastern European equivalent to coal in the stocking, but much darker.

Make it a game night: A friendly game of poker or a marathon Monopoly game is always good for some friendly competition and good laughs.

Regardless of how you spend the holidays, remember that the memories you share with friends and family are those that keep traditions alive for generations to come.

Crystal Geyser Water Company wishes you and yours a very Sparkling Holiday Season.

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