Finding The Joy Zone

By Cindy Clemens, Chief Inspiration Officer at Crystal Geyser Water Company

For me, the concept of joy is much more than pleasure or happiness. It’s a conscious decision and a mindset. Five years ago, I started noticing what triggers my joy, choosing to do a lot more of that, and eliminating the time and energy drains that steal it. I call it the Joy Zone.

What does joy mean to me? It is a deep knowing that life is good and allowing myself to relax into the fullness of the moment. And, my deepest source of joy is having my tank so full I can share and help others connect with theirs.

As I reflected on this adventure into the Joy Zone, I decided to collect my thoughts and create a Joy Manifesto. I wanted people to understand the depth and significance of the idea as the essence of life, because it is. So, let me share with you what I’ve discovered over these next few blog posts.

Joy is …

  1. Our natural state of being. We come into the world in a state of it. Just look at how it spills out of young children at play.
  2. A verb, a choice, and a conscious decision. It is not just a fleeting feeling but rather a mindset, a way of choosing to move through the world.
  3. A portal to inner peace and happiness. Humans are hardwired to seek joy, and following this inner calling connects us with creation, energy, and something deeper within ourselves. It is one of the highest vibrations, and it attracts all of the other positive vibrations into our life.

I hope you can let these ideas simmer and linger with you. Try using joy as an important factor in deciding what to do and with whom you’ll do it. You’ll find that the more time you spend in the Joy Zone, the more you’ll connect with your heart and fall in love with life all over again.

Feeling joy is part of the essence of life. Where is your Joy Zone? Where do you feel connected and at peace? Tell us what the #EssenceofLife means to you, and enter our Facebook contest here: See official contest rules here.

Cindy Clemens is the honorary Chief Inspiration Officer at Crystal Geyser Water Company and a contributing blogger for the Crystal Geyser Sparkling Water’s Essence of Life campaign. All views are her own. If you’d like to learn more about Cindy, visit


Recent Pictures of Cindy in her Joy Zone:


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