4 Ways to Get Your Exercise This Holiday Season

Scheduling holiday shopping trips, office parties, and kids’ school performances can leave you wondering where to fit your exercise in during this busy season.  While you’re thinking about how to wrap all those presents, we have some outside of the box ideas to stay fit and enjoy your family.

  1. Do you love Christmas lights? Plan an adventure with your family to go walking through the neighborhood with the best lights.  You could create a scavenger hunt, i.e. who can find nine reindeer first?

Christmas light show

  1. Fun Runs Most likely an organization in your community is sponsoring a fun run or walk. Ugly Sweater Runs and Reindeer Runs are a great way to get festive and exercise at the same time.  Many of these events are also fundraisers for local charities so it’s a win-win!

    Ugly Christmas Sweater Fun Run

  2. Get your steps in on your shopping trip. Use your Smartphone or fitness tracker to count those steps on that marathon day at the mall.  If you’re really competitive you can map out the mall so that you ensure you’re taking the longest route from store to store.

    Decked out mall

  3. Go Christmas Caroling Did you know that singing can burn calories and strengthen your lungs? Do it while walking and you burn an additional 25-50% more. Plan a route that helps you reach your 10,000 step goal and sing your heart out.

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Whatever you choose – make it fun!  Keep a family log at home of everyone’s fitness activities.  Add rewards, like choosing the movie on movie night, for additional incentive.

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