Autumn is here, the days are getting cooler and shorter, and summer is a not-too-distant memory. Although you may have put away your bathing suit and flips, it’s still a great time to get outside and enjoy the season. Spice up your season with one of these fun fall activities that you can do inside or out:

        1. Go apple picking. The apples are a delicious and healthy snack and the fresh air and exercise will brighten your day.

          Fuji Apples in Watsonville, CA


        2. Stomp through some leaves. Put your heart into it! Go ahead and fall down in a soft pile if you want to. This is a great way to feel like a kid again. Better yet, take your kids and capture some great photos.

          Fall leaves


        3. Attend a Harvest Festival. These events are a fantastic way to get craft ideas and meet new friends.

          Harvest festival decorations


        4. Sample some Bavarian beer and schnitzel at a local Oktoberfest. It might just make you feel like dancing.

          Oktoberfest Dancers


        5. Visit a pumpkin patch. This is a tradition for many families and an excellent way to spend an Autumn Saturday or Sunday. What does your “perfect pumpkin” look like?

          Pumpkin patch


        6. Bake an apple or pumpkin pie. The smell in your kitchen will get you in the Fall spirit. Pies, like many of the sweet things in life are best when shared with friends.

          Delicious apple pie


        7. Tour a winery. It is “crush” time and the best time to learn more about wine-making, not to mention a beautiful way to spend a day or two.

          Wine grapes, Napa, CA


        8. Get crafty and make some seasonal decorations. (hand turkey, anyone?)

          Pinecones make great fall centerpieces


        9. Buy a hat. Trying on hats with a friend can be a lot of fun and it is a great excuse to update your wardrobe for the cooler weather.

          Felt hat


        10. Host a “Friendsgiving” potluck. Do you have a recipe that you crave when the weather gets cooler? Most likely, your friends do too. Good company and good food are always on the menu for a successful dinner party. Don’t forget to grab some Crystal Geyser® Sparkling Water for a festive and fun beverage to fill your glass.

          “Friendsgiving” meal